Rolling the Blanket for the Top of the Knapsack

Stephen P. Hanson
1st Sgt., Co. C, 2nd U.S. Infantry, National Regiment

This is merely a suggestion to make a neat blanket roll for the top of the knapsack. On the practical side, it keeps the blanket from catching or snagging on anything that will cause its edges to fray, and it puts the extra weight of the shelter half (probably the heaviest piece of your kit, next to your rifle) up high on your back for a more comfortable load.

1. Spread the blanket on the ground with the US down; remember which way is “down” for the US cypher.
2. Fold both long edges inward to meet in the center.
3. Fold the shelter half in half along the center seam, and in half again.
4. Place the shelter half in the center of the blanket.
5. Fold both long edges of the blanket inward to meet in the center with the shelter half inside.
– 6. Fold the “down” edge of the blanket up to meet the stripe on the “up” half of the blanket.
7. Fold the “up” half of the blanket down to meet the top of the “down” edge, this puts all raw edges of the blanket inside so they won’t fray, and puts folded edges on the outside.
8. Roll the blanket from the “up” edge.
9. This will leave the US centered on the blanket roll, with the fold seam just below the US (it will sit ON the top of the knapsack this way, leaving no seams visible. 
10. Buckle the straps.