Regulation Uniform Guidelines

“Hardee” Hat

This hat is made of black felt with a double row of stitching around the brim.  The hat is trimmed with a black ostrich feather (enlisted men) and a cord of light blue three-sixteenths of an inch in diameter, running three times through a slide of the same material, and terminating with two tassels not less than two inches long, on the side of the hat opposite the feather.  The insignia of the corp. in brass in front of the hat, with the number of the regiment, five eighths of an inch long, in brass, and letter of company, one inch, in brass, arranged over the insignia.  The brim is to be looped on the left side with a brass eagle, and the feather is to be worn on the side opposite the loop.  All the trimming of the hat are to be made so that they can be detached; but the eagle, badge of corps, and letter of company, are to be always worn.

Leather Neck Stock

Made of black leather and worn over the shirt collar as part of the dress uniform.

Enlisted Frock Coat

This handsome uniform coat was worn in the field by more units than previously believed.  Made of fine, dark blue, not navy blue wool, the frock coat had infantry blue piping at the collar and cuffs, one-eighth inch wide indicating the branch of service.  Closed with nine Eagle buttons down the front, two at each cuff that work, and two at the back that don’t, the frock coat reached one-half the distance from the top of the hip to the bend of the knee, though some photos show them reaching closer to the knee.  The sleeves are lined with muslin, the body has a half lining, stiffened and quilted, of black or brown polished cotton.  On each shoulder, a metallic scale is attached according to the enlisted pattern.  This is an expensive item and is therefore, optional for the recruit.  Only a few sources can be recommended due to the fine nature of the tailoring involved.

White Gloves

White cotton gloves are part of the dress uniform.  You can pick these up at any military supply store.  Be mindful to avoid gloves with snaps, elastic and other modernisms.

Trousers, Sky Blue (Dark Blue), Foot Pattern

Same as for the fatigue uniform.