School of Instruction

1st Sgt Stephen Hanson 2nd US
Drill Books and Rifles Pt 1
Drill Books and Rifles Pt 2
Grand Guards and Pickets
Guard Duty
Making a hard cracker box
Creating a Realistic Camp
Shelter Tents Pt 1
Shelter Tents Pt 2
Shelter Tents Pt 3
The Federal Shelter Tent: A Soldier’s Home Away From Home
Illustration of an Infantry Soldier’s Basic Kit
Polishing Brass and Rifle Parts
Rifle Cleaning
Period Cleaning Kits
Knapsack Stuffers Pt 1
Knapsack Stuffers Pt 2
Rolling the Blanket for the Top of the Knapsack
Folding an Overcoat
The Blanket Roll
The Right Fit
Wearing Your Gear