About Sykes Regulars

Sykes’ Regulars is a not-for-profit educational corporation dedicated to honoring the proud heritage and traditions of the United States Army, and educating the public about the life of the “Regular” infantryman during the American Civil War.

Sykes Regulars is the collaboration of two distinct units: 

Sykes’ Regulars not only portrays the soldier as he appeared in battle, but also as he appeared in garrison and ceremonial duties.  Members are required to have all items that were issued to the Civil War Regular, from the bootlaces to the .58 caliber Springfield rifled musket. The uniforms and equipment we use are – of course – reproductions, but we take care to be as authentically patterned to the originals as possible.

Continuing the Tradition- The many existing diaries and letters describe the soldierly bearing and “stony silence” of the Regular soldier during the Civil War. Their polished brass, well-blackened leathers, clean weapons, and excellent drill were seldom, if ever, matched by any state volunteer regiments.

Our living history group maintains this tradition – excellence in drill and discipline, clean and serviceable uniforms (both field and full dress), and polished brass, leathers, and weapons.  This discipline and attention to detail has given Sykes’ Regulars the reputation of being the premier Federal unit in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Our Membership – Our membership is diverse – former and current military, police and firefighters, historians, businessmen and teachers – but all share a common interest in history and educating the public about the role of the “forgotten” Regulars during the Civil War. 

Our Events – Sykes’ Regulars maintains an active calendar of events each year, usually at least one per month.  The calendar represents a balanced mix of battle re-enactments, “living histories,” “campaign” events, parades and other functions.

Since its establishment,  Sykes Regulars’ focus on “living history” events has earned us a respected reputation.  We have a unique tradition of working alongside the National Park Service and other organizations to develop programs that are interesting for both the participant and the spectator.  We perform Living History events at an expanding number of National and Regional Parks:

Andersonville, GA
Antietam, MD
C&O Canal, MD
City Point, VA
Ft.Delaware, DE
Ft. McHenry, MD
Ft. Washington, DC
Gettysburg, PA
Harpers Ferry, WV
Manassas, VA
Monocacy, MD
Old Beth Page Village, NY
Petersburg, VA

In 1985, the Brigade participated in President Reagan’s second inaugural parade.  Regulars also had the honor of being pallbearers and honor guard at the reburial of nineteen soldiers of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Sykes’ Regulars in the Movies – Members of the these two companies have also appeared in numerous television specials, movies and documentaries such as:

Gods and Generals
The Blue and the Gray
Ordeal of Doctor Mudd
The Lincoln Conspiracy
North and South (mini-series)
Gore Vidal’s Lincoln
The Night Lincoln Was Shot
Hallmark’s ‘The Love Letter
‘A&E’s ‘Civil War Journal’