2nd and 4th U.S. Infantry “Sykes’ Regulars” Honoring the Proud Heritage and Traditions of the UNITED STATES ARMY And Those Who Served in its Ranks During the American Civil War 1861-1865.

Our living history group encompasses the mindset of excellence in drill, discipline, and authenticity. The strict discipline of the modern unit has afforded us a proud reputation among the premier Federal units in the country. The result of this mindset is that the unit attracts those looking for a better reenacting experience as well as current and former members of the U.S. military. Our calendar consists of living history, reenactments and campaigner events, primarily located in the Mid-Atlantic States. The unit is very active in researching and documenting various aspects of civil war life, military manuals and unit history.


Learn the drill and deportment of the Regular Army soldier during the Civil War. We aspire to honor their memory by doing our best impression of how they fought that war and never forget the cost and tragedy of that conflict.


Camp on the field and enjoy the comradery of brothers in arms. Wear the wool and march in step with the weight of the Springfield on you shoulder. Move by column into line to confront the enemy and mass your fire.


Find people with a similar interest in history and make friendships that may last a lifetime. We sit around the campfire and talk deep into the night about the things of the past and see how they inform the present.

“Regular troops alone are equal to the exigencies of modern war, as well for defense and offense; and whenever a substitute is attempted, it must prove illusory and ruinous. No militia will ever acquire the habits necessary to resist a regular force…… The firmness requisite for the real business of fighting is only to be attained by a constant course of discipline and service.”

                                                                               ~ George Washington, 1780

Step into the past with Sykes’ Regulars… 

Sykes Regulars are a member of a larger organization, The National Regiment. The National Regiment is a battalion-sized organization consisting of various infantry reenacting units all committed to the preservation of our nation’s Civil War history. 

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